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Market valuation and return
How high is the expected return?
How high is the expected return?
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Of course, no return can be guaranteed and past price trends are not reliable indicators of future values or returns. The collectibles market is complex and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including macroeconomic conditions, trends and the rarity of certain properties.

Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee a specific "expected return." However, Timeless conducts an in-depth, multi-stage valuation process based on current and reliable information, including proven indices (such as the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, Artprice 100, Watchcharts, etc.).

On this basis, Timeless invests only in collectibles where the company is confident of long-term value growth. However, it is advisable for investors:in to obtain comprehensive information and, if necessary, independent financial advice before making an investment decision.

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