How do limit orders work?
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Limit orders allow you to buy fractions automatically. All you have to do is choose an asset, the number of fractions you would like to buy, a limit price and a duration for your limit order.

As soon as a suitable offer that is equal to or lower than your limit price is available, we will buy the fractions for you. You will only be charged the amount booked once we have found a suitable offer. Depending on the available offers, you may be charged less. In no case, however, will you be charged an amount above your stated limit price.

How do I create a limit order?

You can place a limit order in the Trading tab.

  1. Tap on Limit orders.

  2. Tap on Create a limit order.

  3. Choose an asset, and tap on it to set your preferences: number of fractions, price limit, and duration.

  4. Tap on Next and confirm your limit order.

If multiple users create the same limit order, the user who submits their offer first is given priority.

How can I delete my limit order?

Here is how you can delete a limit order:

  1. Tap on the Trading tab.

  2. Tab on Limit orders.

  3. Tap on the bin next to the limit order you would like to delete.

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