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Who decides on the timing and execution of a Collectible sale?
Who decides on the timing and execution of a Collectible sale?
Updated over a week ago

The decision to hold or sell a collectible is made through a voting process among the investors. According to Timeless' business structure, the approval of the majority of the investors is required, more precisely more than 50%.

This voting process ensures that the decision is based on both sound data and the majority preferences of the investors. After all, they are the actual owners of the collectible. This ensures a balanced and democratic approach to the management of the Collectibles.

In the first holding period of a Collectible, Timeless tends to act passively and only offers the Collectible when there are clear opportunities. When the collectible finally enters the maturity phase (targeted holding period in combination with favorable market segment conditions), the company proactively searches for targeted buyers in its extensive network. Once a potential deal is prepared, Timeless informs investors of the selling opportunity and 50% plus one vote is required to confirm the sale (approval) or hold (rejection) of the collectible.

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