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What happens in the event of insolvency at Timeless?
What happens in the event of insolvency at Timeless?
Updated over a week ago

Timeless initially acquires the collectible with its own money. After purchasing fractions, the collectible belongs to each fraction owner at the fractional share acquired. The fraction is contractually transferred to the buyer, and Timeless is entrusted with its custody. And that means that these units are no longer part of Timeless' collectibles and remain unaffected in the event of possible insolvency. You can find more details in the framework agreement. We will disclose it to you before you purchase a fraction.

By the way, we've been around since 2018, we're a German GmbH based in Berlin, and Porsche Ventures, EQT Ventures and C3 EOS VC (the world's largest blockchain fund) are amongst our investors. Should we run out of funds - which won't happen -the units of all users who have invested with us are protected in any case, as the units are transferred to the buyer.

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